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It’s Not In Our Head, It’s In Our Heart

My boys heal my soul. I had so much self-rejection for a long time because I looked at myself through that awful lens of “Not enough.” It was so strong that when these little people came into my life and…

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Is Your Marriage Affected by Your Health?

Rock and I are so committed to sharing our process with you so that you can shortcut your way to healing — whether it’s your health, your past hurts, your spirituality, or your relationships.

We talk about some of the key relationship parts in this wonderful docuseries by our dear friend and colleague, Dr. Izabella Wentz. It’s called “The Thyroid Secret” and since 1-3 people deal with it, likely you — or someone you care about — is affected by it.

And if you’re affected by it, likely, so are your relationships.

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Hashimoto’s: The Healing Process – Again

I wish that healing were a straight line — and maybe for some people it is… But not for me. My life lessons and healing seem to resemble more of a cinnamon roll approach: The beginning is sort of the…

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