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Edwin Friedman, a Jewish Philosopher talked about “risking adventure”. That our mind could only comprehend so much in our thinking about things — and then, at some point, we had to step out and actually do it. He said that once we DID step out, a whole new part of our brain and our life opened up — and in doing so — brought great transformation and joy to our lives.

Great transformation and joy through adventure

That makes sense, right? I mean, if you think of jumping out of a plane, it’s one thing, but actually being strapped up with a parachute, standing at the open door with deafening wind, while your heart is pounding as you get ready to jump — that’s another thing altogether.


When I was a child, there was a part of me that really connected to the idea of being a nomad — someone moving about here and there, and never really settling down. I’d dream of travels and adventures and wondrous, magical happenings but then, I got afraid.

A lot of messages, fears, and health issues entered my life. I felt like Jim Carrey’s character in The Truman Show. He had an inner hunger for adventure and didn’t know that he was part of a TV show where people had constructed a world for him to live in so that they could watch him. Sort of a live soap opera. The people around him were invested in him staying put.

But there was this place within him that always hungered for adventure…

He’d go to the travel agency and there’d be pictures of boats sinking, lightning bolts hitting planes (like you know they do at the travel agencies) and he’d be told that all the trips out of his town were full. The messages outside of him constrained him from taking brave steps to follow his heart.

I can relate to that.

Did I ever tell you about the time my best friend was getting married but I was afraid to fly so, we BOUGHT A NEW VAN, drove to New Jersey from California and spent a ridiculous amount of time and money because I was too afraid. Yeah. That was pretty awful. Not only for me, but for my husband, who had NO fear of flying and would have much preferred to watch a movie and take a nap in the 5 hours time. Life is different for me now (as I type this from a hotel room in Florence, Italy)…

Because, as I’ve taken on my healing, peace, and inner strength through my mental wrestling’s and spiritual quests, I’ve been able to respond with more Yes’s to my dreams. I’ve flown all over the US for speaking engagements and music performances. I’ve traveled for months in Italy with my family and I bring women on Italian adventures so that they can access their highest, bravest, most delicious selves while eating copious amounts of gelato.

Risking adventure requires something of us. It requires us to see what is holding us back and taking brave steps to heal and deal with those places in us that are hiding out from our hearts’ desires. Risking adventure gives us so much. Because once we push past that veil of fear and take a step onto new soil, we seem to have an easier time knowing and embracing ourselves and living from that beautiful, powerful heartspace again.

Life transforms dramatically when we risk adventure.

Do you want to travel to Italy? I would LOVE to travel with you, too! I have some amazing events coming up with a select number of spaces.


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