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Welcome “Create, Teach, Give, Profit” Summit Attendees

Welcome Attendees of the Create, Teach, Give, Profit interview series! I’m so glad you enjoyed my talk You Don’t Have to be Rich to Make Your Dreams Come True. I know what it’s like to have big dreams, and I know what it takes…

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Hashimoto’s: Are You Tired of Feeling Unsupported?

It’s hard feeling sick. But it’s even harder feeling sick and alone. And maybe, what might be even harder (or a different kind of hard). Is to have the people who say they love you most, be rejecting and blaming…

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Stacey’s Interview “Hashimoto’s Can Heal Your Life” on Thyroid Nation

I recently got to be interviewed on Thyroid Nation by Danna Boman & Tiffany Mladinich. I got to share… My story My view on why so many thyroid patients are still suffering What is Hashimoto’s? Emotional triggers What and how can…

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Mold, Vaccines, and Chemtrails, Oh My!

Nothing like starting an e-mail off with tons of controversy, right? The Thyroid Secret What do these have in common with: The MSG in you bowl of Pho Or the ingredients in your toilet bowl cleaner Or your shampoo Or…

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Hashimoto’s: The Healing Process – Again

I wish that healing were a straight line — and maybe for some people it is… But not for me. My life lessons and healing seem to resemble more of a cinnamon roll approach: The beginning is sort of the…

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When Hashimoto’s Flares : Two Great Questions and Some Really Healing Answers

I’m one month into a healing protocol for this super-weird Hashimoto’s storm/Adrenal crash-apalooza that’s been happening for the better part of 2016. Exhaustion. Weight gain. Body aches. Memory loss.     And Brain Fog. Are we having fun yet? My…

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Do you measure your worth by your weight?

Hello Amazing Souls – I’m writing to you from bed (again.) Who knew that this year was going to include a thyroid storm and adrenal crash where my thyroid meds stopped working and I started to feel like poop-on-a-cracker? I…

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Hashimoto’s: Lessons in the Middle of the (Brain) Fog

Hey Girlfriends… I sit, writing my first blog on my re-designed site. It feels nice and fresh — so pretty and clean. Which is kind of ironic, because I’m personally not feeling any of those things. Okay, I feel ‘clean’…

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Love Yourself Thin

Welcome Amazing Souls! Thank you for joining me on your Loving Yourself Thin journey. I’m so glad you’re looking for great ways to heal your life while you’re working through you losing weight.  I believe they are all connected, and…

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What’s Happening NOW in Global Health

Hey Friends! Back from our ’round-the-world adventure with my family. It’s so powerful to be able to travel and see what’s going on in different parts of the world — you find what’s common between you  — regardless of the…

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