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Love vs. Judgment

| Encouragement & Inspiration | No Comments

Every new revelation we have doesn’t have to become a judgment of everyone else. If we’ve found something that works for us or is clear for us or true for…

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The Difference Between “I Can’t Afford it” and “I Don’t Value It”

| Encouragement & Inspiration, Hashimoto's | One Comment

Hey friends, This is a long read that will feel short. I am not putting pics in yet because I want you to have this as quickly as possible because…


Wisdom from My 10 Year-Old: The Power of ‘Saying.’

| Encouragement & Inspiration, Family, Hashimoto's, Health, Love, Spirituality | No Comments

You guys know that I love my conversation with my kids. Whether it was Caleb, when he was 4 years-old, sitting on the ground next to my chair on our…


Lessons I’ve Learned from Hashimoto’s – Day 7 – Finding My Voice (I Know I Put It Somewhere…)

| Encouragement & Inspiration | No Comments

Hey friends, How are you doing over there? I know you’ve been loving the Hashimoto’s Institute FREE online summit.  So many great speakers.  So much valuable information. I was honored…