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Healing the Heart of Hashimoto's-bigger

Stacey’s ebook excerpt from the Thyroid Bundle

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Hey girlfriends! I’m so excited to tell you about an Amazing resource designed just for us!  My dear friend and colleague Dr. Izabella Wentz, who is a great thyroid advocate,…


If Only He Would Change (And Other Delusions in Marriage)

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If He Would Only Change (And Other Delusions in Marriage) by Stacey Robbins With my coaching clients, I often sit across from a powerful, beautiful, brilliant woman who can’t figure…


100 Day Gong – Day 77 The Importance of Making a Decision and Being All-In

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Hey there! I wanted to share something with you as I sit, stunned in my messy living room after a really full and fun Father’s Day.  I would like our…


30 Days of Whole Foods – Day 30 Honest Reflections

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So, yes — In the middle of my 100 Day Gong (a Taoist practice of disciplines), I embarked on a 30 Day Whole Food experience. I did it during Mercury…